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Hello, my name is Kate and thank you for visiting my site. However, keep in mind that this is a review. If you’re looking for the offical website where you can download your copy, visit: Official Spybubble Website

I am going to explain to you exactly what Spybubble is, what it will do for you as it did for me and allowed me to check text messages online. This way, you can figure out whether Spybubble is something for you, or not.

Spybubble is a program is designed to help people to find out the truth about their partner, child, employee, or anyone else by spying on all their cell phone activities even retrieve deleted text messages.

This program works 100% automatically after the installation process, it’s undetectable and it’s 100% safe and legal to use either.

With Spybubble you Can:

  • Track Calls. You can see all incoming and outgoing calls, the mobile numbers that called, how many times they called, how long the conversation of each call and the conversation itself.
  • Track Messages. You will be able to read all incoming and outgoing text messages, even if the user deletes them. Find out who is sending text messages to your child, spouse or if your employee is using the company phone for personal use.
  • Track Location. With this technology you can track the exact location of the mobile phone using Google Maps. That would definitely erase any doubts as to the whereabouts of your child or employee. Is your daughter really at her friend’s house? Is your employee really at home sick?
  • Access Phone Book. You will also be able to view all contacts stored in the mobile.
  • Undetectable You can do all these spying without being detected! There is no sound, icon or anything at all on the mobile phone that would notify the user that the SpyBubble software is installed.
  • Spy On Unlimited Phones. You can also follow multiple mobile phones at a time.
  • SpyBubble Is Compatible With: Blackberry, Android, Symbian S60, Nokia, Bluetooth,Windows Mobile And Iphones. it works with almost all smartphones.

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When you register you will get a step by step installation guide with screenshots and pictures so you can see exactly how to install and how to use the software. So, once you install Spybubble on the targeted mobile phone, you will then be able to spy on the activities made on that mobile phone even retrieve text messages.


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Retrieve Deleted Text Messages

In the modern times we depend on technology so much that we do most of our things through mobile technology. We receive and send a large amount of text messages. Sometimes due to their no requirement at that stage or due to the limited space in our cell phone we are not able to store them on our cell phones and delete them. This can also be due to the loss or damage of our cell phones. However, at a later stage some urgency develops and we need them. Now the question arises that is it possible to retrieve deleted text messages?

To recover deleted text messages we have got no foolproof technology till now. Neither the various companies store the text messages on their servers because if the website or server is hacked or some security lapse happens then this will be seen as an attack on the customer privacy. So to find the answer to the question how do I read deleted text messages you will have to look for traditional answers. Like you will have to request your service provider to give you the physical statement of all the messages sent or received on your cell phone.

If the service provider provides this facility then well and good, otherwise you should go to their website and register yourself. This way you might get access to the messages stored in your SIM card. However to get the access or to recover deleted text messages you will have to place a request with your service provider and if the service provider supports this facility then you might lucky. If you go for some of the software’s available on the internet then before trying them out make sure they are genuine and are not pulling you into a trap. So you have to be very careful. Though an online software would be the fastest way of retrieving deleted text messages or even current non deleted text messages.

Check text messages online

check text messages online

Sometimes I have the urge to check text messages online. Not just for my phone but for my significant others phone. Even though I may feel guilty for reading their text messages on the computer it isn’t a trust issue.  This is a peace of mind issue.  I mean who likes being betrayed, especially after so much time together. So this site is for us people who want peace of mind. We will read text message online and track where they have been all day even whom they have called or who called them and for how long they spoke. It is about time we use technology to give us the peace of mind we deserve.